Our business manufactures timber pre-nail wall frames and roof trusses to meet residential and commercial requirements.


Utilising the latest cutting edge Pryda design software and the Razer computerised precision saw technology we can engage with you, your designer, architect and/or drafting team to design and manufacture to exacting specifications from start to finish.


Our team are committed to supplying the highest quality product delivered to your building site in the agreed timeframes. To support your project we provide you with a foundation set-out along with easy to read site documentation that allows your builders to get on with the job.


We welcome you to come down to view our comprehensive process where we offer you frame & truss solutions sourced from a peace of mind choice of 100% renewable, NZ grown and manufactured Radiata H1.2 and H3.2 treated framing or the Building Codemark Certified LVL (Laminated Veneered Lumber) Engineered J-Frame. 

For quality, cost effective frames and trusses delivered to site, contact our team.


Tumu Frame & Truss

1300 Omahu Road


Hastings 4175  



Detailing & Estimating Manager
Lee Erskine
027 498 2929